Keep these 5 things special before purchasing air purifier

Keep these 5 things special before purchasing air purifier

Air Purifier Buying Guide: 5 Things You Must Check Before Buying

We are giving you information about what you need to take care of before buying an air purifier
New Delhi (Siddhartha Sharma). The problem of air pollution has increased in the northern regions of India in the last 5 years. This is a matter of concern. One of the main reasons for this is smog and pollution. Visible signs of smog and pollution in air pollution prove quite dangerous. But even if this signal is not visible, it can not be said that a city is also good air quality. A recent incident was reported when the Supreme Court was hearing a case related to air pollution in the national capital, Delhi. According to the PTI report, Justice Arun Mishra said, "From morning to evening, there is a lot of pollution and traffic. It is better not to be in Delhi. I do not even want to settle in Delhi. It is difficult to live in Delhi. "
We can all combat the effects of air pollution. For this, we have to be cautious and reduce carbon footprint. However, it will take some time to adopt a better method and it may take some time to improve air quality. However, many people are surrounded by health concerns due to air pollution. In such a way, it is a natural process to treat technology as an easy solution. Air purifier is a better treatment to find out if the air you are breathing is pollution free or not. There are many options for this in the market. But we are giving you the information about what you need to take care of before buying such an expensive air purifier.

1. Coverage Area:

Before choosing Air purifier, your room or house size proves to be an important factor. Large room or large room is necessary for taking bigger and better air purifiers. If a room is 20 to 40 percent larger than Air purifier, then taking Air Purifier is a better option. It also gives you better performance. Additionally, users want to have a compact and non-voice air purifier in their bedroom, so that they do not have to sleep in their sleep. At the same time, prefer to place large air purifiers for large rooms or living areas. Apart from this, also tell you that if your house is big, then an air Purifier will not be enough, you will have to use two to three air purifiers.
Keep these 5 things special before purchasing air purifier

2. Clean Air Delivery Rate:

With the help of Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR, users can find out how air purifier purifies the air. It detects how much air purifier can purify the air for how many feet. The higher the CADR number, the better the air filtering. Air Purifier consists of three CADR numbers. The first of these is dust, second pollen and third is for a smoke. If your home is bigger then you should take Air Purifier which has a high CADR rating.

3. Air Quality Indicator:

Air Quality Indicator shows the important features present in Air Purifier. Digital indicator and colored lights show the up / down level of pollution in real time. There should also be sensors in the air purifier, which tells the exact numeric measurement of PM2.5 (ultra-fine dust) and PM10 (fine dust). It will be able to find out how to change the air purification speed on the device.

Keep these 5 things special before purchasing air purifier

4. Filter Life and Availability:

This is an important factor. Air purifiers usually work on large vacuum cleaners. Before taking any Air Purifier, its filter type information should be taken. There are many companies that do not provide information on the air filter on their device. These include especially Chinese companies. In the air purifier, filter filters, pollen, stench and other harmful pollutants, including smoke, are helping to make Puifai.
Whatever filter you want to take with an air purifier, you need to keep in mind that this filter is available in the market. Because the filter has to be replaced from time to time. At the same time, the price of the air filter should also be considered. Also, do not even think about using the air filter to clean yourself twice.

Keep these 5 things special before purchasing air purifier

5. Warranty and Service:

Warranty and service in the last Before purchasing any electronic device, you should pay attention to its warranty and service. Air Purifier also comes with the warranty. Users should carefully check all warranty terms and conditions. Also, the service network of the manufacturer of the device you are taking should be strong. The service network of Samsung, Philips, Honeywell etc. is quite strong. At the same time, there are also many online sellers, Air purifiers are being sold to guarantee no service network. It means you have to take proper information about its post-cell before purchasing Purifier.

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