Types of Search Engine optimization (SEO) Full Information

When we hear the name of SEO, we are already upset that SEO is done so friends in this post, we will know everything about SEO and how it would be done and why we do everything but before that we take full knowledge of SEO. What is the full name of SEO? Friends is the full name of SEO, Sarch Engine Optimization.
Types of Search Engine optimization (SEO) Full Information
It works as a lane in search of our blog or website. You know only when our blog / website does not come in search results. Until it can not get traffic Even if very little, every blogger or website owner wishes that there may be more traffic on his blog or website, but this can not be done without SEO.

What is SEO?

friends SEO's full name We now know that search engine optimization happens after blog or website is started SEO work is done when we are ready to become a blog or website then we need it to take traffic So it is not possible to get our blog or website traffic without friends SEO If there is still a lot less then SEO is a process by which we can get traffic to our blog or website, because when blog or website is a search rank in engine By the time we do not get traffic in the language of the language, when we search in some search engines like Google, bing or yahoo, then the result which gets found in the above, we click on that site, Traffic is available on that website, SEO does the job of lane on our website or top rank in search results.

Type of SEO

Types of Search Engine optimization (SEO) Full Information
Friends SEO is what we know now that we have a question about how many types of SEO are, then I would like to tell you that SEO is basically of three types.
1. On Site SEO
2. On page SEO
3. Off site SEO
Now there is a question in our mind that now what is all this, we will talk about a whole and a lot of subjects.

On Site SEO

Friends on site SEO is done in the website or blog like you have created your website or blog, SEO is done in it, so we have learned, so how will we do website or blog? So friends is a very easy job. Some low points have to be addressed like writing our website or blog title and description if we do not write title and description of our website or blog, search engine does not know what categories are in your website or blog. It should pay attention and much more Work from like tagline, sitemap, url submission, speed up the speed of the website, all of this comes on the site SEO undar

On Page SEO

Friends On page SEO is done in our posts, the following types of works are done in its categories
1. Keyword research on page The main thing in SEO is that keyword research. Until we do a good keyword research for our post, our post can not rank any search engine, so we do research a lot It is necessary.

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2. focus keyword When writing any post or article it is important to write a focus keyword.

3. Meta Description After writing the post, it is very important to write meta description why our post comes in search results, then if you are called a description then it is very important to write a few sentences below.

4. Writing Heading in Your Post.

5. Writing url with the right of your post.

6. On page SEO has many more functions which we can not know one day.

Off Page SEO

This is also very important for friends who have come to the finish of the page SEO. The following types of work are done in order to rank our post.
1. create quality Backlink
2. social bookmarking
3. share Post
This all-off page comes in SEO which is very helpful in ranking our blog or website.

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